Merry Christmas, Little Giraffe!

Guess what our intrepid blog author received for Christmas this year?

(Oh, and some other stuff.)

Husband calls it my power animal.  I’m just excited that me and BFF have matching animal hats that personify our existence.  We will soon take over the world with baby giraffes and pandas.  There will be no more war, just lots of “awwwww!!!” everywhere.

And just to start spreading my giraffe tyranny love, I put it on everyone else’s head that I could.  Both people who would allow me photographic evidence have super-smiles on their faces, which is proof that I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH AWW.  Yes.  Watch it happen, people.  (Also, how cute are these people?) 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

So this is proof. Prepare yourself for the baby panda/baby giraffe peace on war on peace.

Did your gift make your (or anyone else’s) year? Do tell!


Why Twitter = A Junior High Hallway

So, I’ll be the first one to admit it.  I do not understand Twitter.

I got on Twitter back in 2009 because like five of my friends were on it, and they were all abuzz with how awesome it was.  I didn’t understand it, but I love new things (I was all about Facebook before Facebook was less cool, and everyone and their mother – literally – was on it), so I tried it out.

It felt like I had walked onto an alien planet.  Everyone was using punctuation where it didn’t belong (why are you using the number sign like that?).  People would shorten their words to almost imperceptible combinations of letters, which seemed to spawn a new generation of individuals who did not understand how to effectively spell anymore (I blame Twitter even though it had been degenerating for awhile).  Moreover, people would talk about things that made no sense to me, and use the damn #sign (I don’t understand what #imhere2party means) and follow things and people (including celebrities?  How do celebrities have time to tweet?).  Continue reading