Merry Christmas, Little Giraffe!

Guess what our intrepid blog author received for Christmas this year?

(Oh, and some other stuff.)

Husband calls it my power animal.  I’m just excited that me and BFF have matching animal hats that personify our existence.  We will soon take over the world with baby giraffes and pandas.  There will be no more war, just lots of “awwwww!!!” everywhere.

And just to start spreading my giraffe tyranny love, I put it on everyone else’s head that I could.  Both people who would allow me photographic evidence have super-smiles on their faces, which is proof that I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH AWW.  Yes.  Watch it happen, people.  (Also, how cute are these people?) 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

So this is proof. Prepare yourself for the baby panda/baby giraffe peace on war on peace.

Did your gift make your (or anyone else’s) year? Do tell!


It’s High School English Class, All Over Again.

I’m already having flashbacks.

So as mentioned yesterday, I’ve done a guest post over at Awkward Eldon.  He forced me at gunpoint to air out my most awkward memory.  I dug down deep into last week and came up with a wonderful gem for all of my three and his six followers to enjoy.

Names were omitted to protect the innocent…though half of my boyfriends have already experienced this, so they’ll all probably assume I’m talking about them.

Anyway, go enjoy!  And also, tell everyone you know about Patch.  he’s teh bombz.

On Why I Am a Baby Giraffe

But first: I have only officially had this blog for a day, but I have already:

  • Updated the header (and love it!)
  • Updated the fonts (because I HATE Times New Roman and all of the other horrible squarey fonts.  Yes, squarey is a word).  However, given that you have to see the fonts as well, please tell me if you absolutely hate the fonts and it would deter you from continuing to read, because the last thing I want is to drive away good readers.  (If you suck as a reader, I don’t care what you think.)
  • Posted thrice!  (The “Bear With Me” post counts, right?)
  • Updated my About page (but only because my site stats say that people were going there and I felt wrong having there be nothing there)
  • Continue reading