31 for 31, Part 1

So I don’t know if I mentioned it or not (and I’m too lazy to go look it up), but I celebrated my 31st birthday on January 17th (a Tuesday).  I celebrated it by laying in bed, with the highlight of my day being going to Chili’s (free dessert!) and working.  Yay.

However, the weekends preceding and succeeding my birthday were awesome, under the circumstances.  I got to actually hang out with some friends the Saturday before (my first foray out into the world with a broken collarbone), most of whom I hadn’t seen in a while.  We had steaks and great conversation, though there was one minor mishap where a friend slapped my injured arm.  I cried a little, but then I got over it.  Plus her reaction was far too funny, so I hurt myself laughing more than anything.  :)  My moms drove in the Sunday before to take me to birthday lunch and hang out.  The following weekend, my bestie Amanda (who also slapped me on the arm, THRICE!  I have violent friends.) drove in from Austin and we traded my original Laser Tag party for a game night around the house (EPIC!  If you haven’t heard of Cards Against Humanity, go to the link and make it yours).  There was cake, queso, and uproarious laughter.  Friends drove in from out of town to ring in my 31st with much cheer.  It wasn’t my best birthday, but given the limitations, it was truly a great time.

In other birthday-related news: One of my high school drill team friends and I have only 6 days between birthdays (happy birthday, Alida!), and she came up with a brilliant idea that I’m 100% stealing away from her.  So there.

She calls is 31 for 31.  In Part 1, you are meant to list 31 things you want to do this year.  In part 2, you are meant to list 31 things you’ve learned this year.  So here’s part 1:

31 To-Do List:

  1. Get my arm back to 100% (or preferably, 120%)
  2. Be diligent with physical therapy, and stop being so pig-headed and impatient about how long it takes to freaking heal a stupid bone (Ahem.)
  3. Continue and finish our sailing classes
  4. Buy a boat (30-34ft preferably)
  5. Start jogging
  6. Get good enough at jogging to start running (if doctor says it’s okay!)
  7. Lose 25 pounds (minimum)
  8. Finish at least half of my novel
  9. As part of #8, write five sentences on the novel every day
  11. Finally reply to the long emails I received from my loveable friends that have been sitting in my inbox for months
  12. Talk on the phone with my friends and loved ones more, no matter how much I hate being on the phone
  13. Go skiing
  14. Play laser tag, dammit
  15. Learn to make sushi
  16. Re-learn how to deep-sea fish
  17. Go on a roller coaster (preferably at Six Flags)
  18. Say yes to something that scares me (Or many somethings.)
  19. Buy a telescope, and view a planet (Or many planets.)
  20. Get the landscaping done on the house
  21. Finish painting the house
  22. Sell the house
  23. Drive the Camaro more
  24. Visit a Caribbean island (I did this for my 30th!)
  25. Dance with the natives of said Caribbean island (I did this for my 30th!)
  26. Try a food item I’ve never had before (but NOT pig brains. Or any other brains.)
  27. Play the lottery.
  28. Listen more.
  29. Be honest.
  30. Dance as often as possible.
  31. Make our dream come true.

What about you guys? What’s on your to-do list this year?


3 comments on “31 for 31, Part 1

  1. The Waiting says:

    What a cool idea! I will be doing this when I turn 31 next year! As far as this year, the first thing I really want to accomplish is pushing this baby out in April. I have a feeling she’ll be setting the agenda for the remainder of the year.

    BTW I hope #31 is a reference to Laverne and Shirley ;)

  2. […] year, I stole an awesome idea from one of my internet stalkees, Alida, and I did the 31-for-31 thingie.  I liked it so much, I’m going to do it again for my birthday this year!  (For quick […]

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