Conversations with Amanda

So…Amanda and I have a lot of conversations that can get a little crazy.  We are BFF (whether that whore likes it or not), and we are very similar in personality.  We tend to talk a lot of shit to each other.  Like the time I sent her the link to This Is Not That Blog’s “Fuck your shit, I’m in a bear suit” post.  It’s literally one of my favorite of Kendall’s posts, and it cheers me up when I’m having a rough day.

It also reminds me of Amanda.  Because she is Amanda Panda.  She is the panda to my giraffe.  (Though she teeters a lot more into honey badger than panda at times.)


Yep, that’s pretty much how it goes.  (And PS?  She totally would dress up in something like this and look at people, like “What bitches. Test me.”)

We frequently have just blatantly hilarious conversations.  Sometimes about nothing, sometimes about serious stuff, and sometimes…

Sometimes, it can get a little juvenile.  Mostly on my side.

And sometimes the conversation can go a little far.

This, my friends, may or may not have been one of those times:

My mom would be proud.


One comment on “Conversations with Amanda

  1. lorrelee1970 says:

    It’s always good to get someone who gets you.

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