Sadness, and Other Things

I wanted to let all three of my loyals fans know that I will probably not be posting this weekend.

This weekend I have to garden.  By “garden”, I mean remove a lot of dead shit, dig up more dead shit, find a place to hide the dirt (neighbor’s yard!), and then plant more stuff that will die in two weeks.  Gardening is not funny.  Unless it’s with vegetables.

So we’ll see.

In the interim, I leave you the following two things:

1) I got my first search engine hit!  And of course, it was about:

Well, I am #1 at pantsing my husband.  So they came to the right place.

2) I was on Twitter.  And then this happened.

Further proof that I have no idea what the hell is happening on Twitter, or to this world.


7 comments on “Sadness, and Other Things

  1. My blog’s top search engine referral term is “raw meat plate.”


  2. No one has any idea what’s going on with that second one, don’t feel bad.

    • Sometimes I just sit and stare, and I read it aloud over and over until I figure out what I think they were trying to say. However, that only works about 30% of the time, and the rest of the time I just say, “WTF person!!” and grumble about how the world is turning into an Idiocracy.

  3. I get a lot about a beer I mentioned, a bulimia cartoon I reposted just because the associated ad was ironic, and ‘I let a stranger touch my butt.’ The most scary was that once someone found me by searching ‘boy fuck auntie.’ Ew, ew, ew, ewwww. I feel dirtied that someone that weird even saw my blog.

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